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Will you lead the filing process, or will I?2018-02-08T21:10:45-07:00

We, by law, cannot file a claim for you. You will need to file the claim.

After you inspect my roof and I have damage, what will the filing process be?2018-02-08T21:10:25-07:00

If you have enough damage to file a claim, you’ll reach out to your agent to file the claim. Once you hear from the insurance adjuster as to when they’ll be inspecting your property, reach back out to us and we’ll meet them there to be your advocate.

How long do I have to get the repairs done after a claim is approved by insurance?2018-01-30T20:52:57-07:00

You will typically have a year from when the claim was approved to get the work done. In some cases you can file for an extension if the circumstances allow. Please contact your agent for the specifics as all insurance companies are different.

How long do I have to file a claim?2018-01-30T20:24:28-07:00

You will typically have one year from the storm date to file a claim. Please contact your agent for the specifics as all insurance companies are different.

If I file a claim, what will my out-of-pocket expense be?2018-01-30T20:23:17-07:00

Your out-of-pocket expense will be your deductible unless you decide to upgrade any of the materials that were damaged.

Should I file a claim?2018-01-30T20:22:31-07:00

Don’t file a claim until one of our experienced project managers has had an opportunity to inspect your property for damage.

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